Mittwoch, 31. August 2016

Mutha 016 - The Secret Syde / Erebus LP

MUTHA # 16 (1984): The Secret Syde - Erebus LP (unreleased test pressing)

This one is the white whale for any serious Mutha records collector. Only 4 test pressings of this exist, and unlike for example the test pressing for the Chronic Sick 12" (which sold on ebay a few weeks ago by the way) and from which it is supposed to exist only one piece, this one never made it to vinyl, neither as a regular release nor as bootleg. Or the Rattus "test" pressings (which have regular labels) - just listen to their countless reissues. Not with this. It is not even on Youtube.

Anyway, it is beyond me why this never saw the light of the day. Secret Syde were well-known and successful at their time - if you can speak in terms of "success" - but at least their first LP was licensed through Hosehead in Europe. So why did they never release this LP, which is equally as good as their first LP? If you search the internet, you always stumble upon some intentions through the years to release it, but they never did. I really really wish they will do it some time, because it´s a great band and a great release and everyone should be able to listen to it.

According to Popsike, this one sold only once in the past through ebay.

You can see the Mutha 016 matrix nr.

Plein white innersleeve. No cover, no lyric sheet.

On their Facebook page the band published another version of the test pressing with song titles, here´s a photo: